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PPR Pipe Distributor Product Specifications atp TORO 25


PPR pipe-ATP TORO / Pipe PPR pipe sterile Toro is an Italian product of plastic material Polypropilene heat resistant and leak-proof. Splicing system Pipes and fittings fused in seconds and is very strong. Hold up to 100 years.
in which our success depends on a strong commitment to our clients in determining the right product quality, timely delivery, warranty, certification, and full compliance with the technical requirements to achieve overall system performance.
We are always innovating to build reputation, excellence and strive to exceed your expectations.
A strong team of professionals, strategic partnerships and significant resources are ready to help meet the standards of the best services by providing convenience, flexibility, security for you in the procurement of goods, so you have plenty of time and profit
The raw material of pipe and fittings ATP TORO 25
Raw materials used in pipe and fittings ATP TORO Polypropylene Random Copolymer 25 is tiper 3 (PP-R type 3). Polypropylene is a type of plastic that has the best quality and have the sterile nature and has been shown to be used on kitchen equipment, baby equipment, food industry, automotive industry / Eng, chemical industry and others. So these materials are selected to produce pipes and fittings ATP TORO 25.
Quality standards, specifications pipe and fittings ATP TORO 25
• Pipe PN-10 and PN-20 The standard is DIN 8077-8078 and ISO 9001: 2000
• Fitting PN-25 The standard is DIN 16 962 and ISO 9001: 2000

For pipe using only one type of fitting is fitting PN-25. In the standard plastic pipe, fittings used standardnya should be higher than the pipe.

TORO ATP pipe 25 is sterile PIPA which will benefit
• Do not rusty
• There were no scaling on the inside wall of the pipe as the pipe inner wall is very slippery (0, 007mm)
• Meets standards for potable water heating installation (Drinking Water)
• Free of charge treatment
• System process is very easy, fast and takes only about 10% of the time required for the installation of metal pipe
• The results of the compound pipe connection fitting so it will not leak
• Have a minimum age of 50 years
• The cost will be cheaper overall
• To install the water heater does not have to be isolated
• Resistant to pressure and high temperature
• Resistant to impact against a hard object and not easily broken as plastic pipe
• Have a good resistance to chemicals

TORO ATP pipe 25 is suitable sterile PIPA used on all types of projects for installation
• Hot Water
• Water
• Water
• Water Chiller / AC
• Water Chemistry
• And others

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